Civic Activities Committee



Hello Gardeners, the most exciting time of the year…. Spring……YEA!
A few of us spent a few hours at Sandstone Ranch on Thursday, May 4th removing Yarrow from the flowerbed on the south side of the little house, we’re not finished yet. Our next outing at Sandstone is Tuesday the 30th, if you have dug up extra flowers, especially fall color flowers bring them with you when you come or to the plant exchange and I can take them on the 30th. Be sure to bring your gloves, spades and lots of water.

The YMCA Growing Gardens work day is set for Tuesday the 16th at 9:00 am and as usual bring your gloves, spades/little shovels and lots of water, very little shade there. We must sign in and can do it online or can “paper sign up” when we get there.


Linda English