Confessions of a Hose Dragger …

January 2021

Confessions of a Hose Dragger…

It’s a brand new year and time to get on board with the latest trends… no one wants to be the person left behind still working on those Macarena moves!

So, being the trend setting maven that I am, I will carefully guide you down the slippery slope of do’s and don’ts with regards to staying ahead of the curve and wowing those around you with your ingenious innovations.

The first step in this wondrous adventure is to regularly check the Kohl’s ad in the newspaper to make sure your wardrobe is cutting edge… do not allow yourself to be known as “That frumpy gardener who lives next door to me”!

This is exciting!  Drum roll…I give you the garden look for 2021 straight from the runways of Paris… men, feel free to modify and adapt as needed! Oh, my goodness…sheer delight right down to the chic garden pail for holding all your garden tools!

After achieving this look, and I am telling you, it will be worth the effort, the following 2021 garden trends will be a walk in the park or possibly a piece of cake depending upon what your New Year’s resolutions may have been.

  1. Wild gardening is in!  This one is easy!  Think gardens without borders…take fistfuls of seed out to the garden and fling them to the four winds.  Plant veggies willy nilly.  Add them to containers, plop them in with perennials, let those pumpkin vines loose and be free!  So what if the grass grows high?  Put a welcome mat out for weeds!  Plant sun plants in the shade and shade plants in the sun… let loose the wild gardener that lives in all of us…become that garden trendsetter!
  2. Balcony Gardening… ummm… I do not have a balcony so my first suggestion to follow this trend would be to actually move somewhere that has a balcony, build one or perhaps be lucky enough to find a balcony…maybe Amazon carries them?
  3. Inside Outside. I tried this trend with my clothing one time when I got dressed in the dark…this did not seem to catch on as a trend but perhaps you will have better luck!
  4. Tiny Gardens. Size does matter, go small or go home with this 2021 garden trend.  Not sure how to approach this one, maybe dividing up larger garden areas into tiny little plots… sounds like this might involve some math…
  5. Raised Garden Beds. Yes!  My gardening friend who has been traveling/living in her RV for 5 years has finally purchased a space to park permanently in Washington and guess what, only raised beds are allowed!  She was so excited to be an accidental trend setter that she sent me links for simple to build raised beds that I will now share with you… please be sure to thank Vicky for making this 2021 garden trend doable!

Long Planter –

Tall Planters –

  1. Permaculture Garden. Think permanent agriculture.  Co-create your garden with nature.  Let the natural forces of nature – wind, sun, water and possibly gravity do the work for you by providing your plants with food, shelter, water and whatever else your garden needs.  This is one 2021 garden trend that is sure to catch on… looking forward to all that free labor and hoping Mother Nature remembers to water!
  2. White Gardens. You have got this!  Plant scads of David Phlox, Shasta Daisy, Greek Yarrow, White Nancy Lamium, Saxifraga, Jasmine, Roses, Cosmos, Nicotiana…wait a minute… I already have most of these in my garden!  See how easy it is to be a trend setter!?  If you do not have any of these in your garden, do not despair… simply wait for it to snow!
  3. Windowsill gardening. Cannot help you on this one…I have 5 snoopy cats.
  4. Grey Gardens. This one is easy too…simply wait until August when many plants come down with powdery mildew.  Who knew that fungus could be trend setting!?
  5. Cottage Gardens. This is a tough one for western gardeners as I think it involves lots of rain, so may I suggest moving back east or to England!  You could however rethink the traditional cottage garden and so something creative with cacti…1,000’s and 1,000’s of cacti…

So, there you have it!  I know you can do it!  Be positive, get out there, look sharp and start trendsetting!