President’s Message

Letter from the President, February 2024

I hope those of you who attended last month’s Speed Dating program had as enjoyable time as did I. Complete with the required bell (aka Mary’s kitchen timer) dinging to send us on our way to our next person, I trust some of you learned some things about members you didn’t know before. I met with two members I thought I knew fairly well, but learned some new things about them and I spent time with a new member who once raised alpacas – seriously, she raised alpacas. In the past couple of years, I’ve discovered that working next to a H&H member every week for an hour in the OUR gardens is also a perfect way to get to know someone as is walking/hiking next to someone on one of Robin’s or Karen’s fieldtrips. This summer, H&H members will be back to work at the Roosevelt Rose Gardens and that too will give you the opportunity to not only help beautify a garden enjoyed by many Longmont residents but give you a chance to kibitz with members you may not yet know well. While we all joined H&H because of gardening, the importance of socializing is being recognized as key to healthy living too so socialize away.

During months when it’s too cold/wet to work outside and too early to start seeds, I read. (OK, I always read, but you know what I mean). Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania has a Community Read Book Club and 2024’s book is “The Last Garden in England”. Upon learning this, I promptly bought three copies and sent them to my reading girlfriends for Christmas. One is definitely a reader, but also definitely not a gardener so I laughed when she sent me this text:

Sue: You can probably make sense of this sentence from the book, but I can’t: “I took out secateurs to begin cleaning up a buddleia “.

Me: (I of course immediately replied): “She grabbed her pruners and trimmed her shrub with purple flowers that smell amazing – aka butterfly bush.”

I hike with a wonderful woman who’s a biochemist and I learned early on not to ask her any question involving cells, bacteria, or enzymes because her response made my eyes roll back in my head. I never thought about the fact that gardeners can and often do actually speak a different language too. As Civic opportunities arise, jump on the lists to volunteer with other H&H members because they speak your language.

We had a wonderful response to filling our 2024 committees and many thanks to those of you who will help in a myriad of ways to keep our club running smoothly. The role still open is someone to do the monthly updating of our website. Both Mary Polk and Debbie Arnold have said while the site could be redone, it can be a much lesser role for just updating work. Please consider volunteering for this important job.

I look forward to seeing all of you at our meeting when we will learn the answer to the all-important question: “Why Flowers Are Beautiful”.