Field Trips/Explore Longmont


Chairperson: Melissa Welsch. To sign up for a field trip contact Melissa directly (see directory). You may also contact the club through the Contact Us page for further information.

Saturday, December 3. 10:00 am
The Gift of Home Tour 2022 , “No Place Like Home for the Holidays”
Join us to tour four homes in Longmont decorated for Christmas for the Gift of Home Tour. This is a fundraiser event for Habitat for Humanity (HFH). Tickets are $40, purchased in advance at or at the Longmont HFH Habitat ReStore.

Saturday, November 5, 12N
Nature walk around the ponds at Pella Crossing Park, 11600 N 75th St., Longmont, CO. See more on Pella Crossing’s history at


Exploring Longmont focuses on the history and culture of Longmont through a series of field trips and lectures each month. For more information, contact Ruth Martin or Robin Ecklund  through our “contact us” page.

December 4: Longmont Theatre “A 1940’s Christmas Carol”, 513 Main St., Longmont, CO
November 18: The OUR Center, 220 Collyer St., Longmont, CO
October 4: Kanemoto Park, 1151 S Pratt Parkway, Longmont, CO
September 18: Left Hand Brewery, Longmont, CO