Meetings are the fourth Wednesday of each month at First Lutheran Church, 803 Third Avenue, Longmont, unless the meeting description includes a different location.  Please bring table service and your name tag.

  • Winter Schedule
    12:00 p.m. Social
    12:30 Business Meeting
    1:00 Program
January 24:

  • Winter Schedule
Winter Soothers Potluck! Please bring a delicious comfort food dish to share. Desserts are highly encouraged! Dish should feed about 12.

Program: Vermicomposting
Michael Morris from the Flower Bin will
enlighten us on the benefits of using worms to
turn table scraps into amazing compost.

February 28:

  • Winter Schedule
Program: Beautiful Easy Herbs for the Garden
Betty Cahill, Boulder County Master Gardener, will talk to us about planting, growing, and care of several perennial and annual herbs that do especially well in our area. She will share harvest and cooking tips to enhance your meals and impress your friends.
February Food Drive! Please bring non-perishable food items to fill up Don’s truck. Don will take your donations to the OUR Center for distribution – how great is that?!
March 28:

  • Winter Schedule
Program:  Going to Pot(s)

Gwynne Owen, of Gwynne’s Greenhouse on Rt.66 and 36 near Lyons, will inspire us with her container and hanging basket designs, and share tips on choosing the right container, plants and care to make your pots prodigious.

April 25:

  • Winter Schedule
Program:  Water-Wise Plants

Joan Sapp, owner of a small landscape company in Estes Park, will discuss water as a precious resource and its sensible use in your beautiful home garden.

  • Summer Schedule
    9:30 a.m. Social
    10:00 Business Meeting
    10:30 Program
May 23:

  • Summer Schedule
Bring: Your lawn Chair and 5 fabulous plants or garden related items to exchange.

Program: Fabulous Five Plant Exchange
Contact Hoe and Hope for the local address to this event.

June 27:

  • Summer Schedule
Bring:  Your lawn chair and walking shoes.

Program:  Outstanding Owls

Robin Boden , Volunteer Coordinator at Sandstone Ranch, will be sharing her passion and knowledge about owls, and showing us their favorite hangouts at Sandstone Ranch.

Meeting at the Sandstone Park Ranch House
Directions: Head east on Ken Pratt Blvd. (Hwy 119). Sandstone Park will be on your right just past Walmart. Turn right at Sandstone Drive which is the furthest eastern entrance. Follow road to the ranch house. There is limited parking at the ranch house so please park in the upper lot. If you are unable to walk down the dirt trail to the ranch house, a vehicle will be available to drive you.

July 25: Program:  Flower Show

Meeting at the church
9:30 a.m. Flower Show Set Up
10:30       Pot Luck Brunch
11:00       Business Meeting
12:00     Flower Show “Awards”

Bring a flower or produce entry(s) or arrangement(s) from your garden. There will be several entry categories to choose from.

Contact Hoe and Hope for entry details.

August 22:

  • Summer Schedule
Program:  Fun with Flowers Demonstration

Carolyn Mackrory grew up in Africa and lived in New Zealand before coming to the US in 1999. Privileged to have seen so much natural beauty around the world, she now leads the local Fun with Flowers group.

Contact Hoe and Hope for meeting location.

September 26:

  • Winter Schedule
Program:  Edible Weeds – the softer side of weeds

Stacey Gilbert, herbalist and massage therapist extraordinaire, will show us some of the wild plants we pull out of our gardens which are actually tasty and healthy. Stacey will teach us how to identify and collect some weeds with medicinal and nutritional value.


October 24:

  • Winter Schedule
Program: Conifer ID with Boulder County Parks & Open Space Naturalists

When you’ve gone for a walk in the woods or driven along a road lined with conifers, have you wondered what they are called? Using a dichotomous key, you will be able to identify some of the common conifers in our area.

November 28:

  • Winter Schedule
Program: Winter Sowing

Suzanne Drinkard will encourage us to get our hands dirty this winter by starting seeds out-doors using a practice called winter sowing, a simple process that yields sturdy seedings that are ready to grow.

December 12: 2018 Annual Holiday Luncheon!
Wednesday, December 12th

11:30 a.m. Gathering and Luncheon

Location: Elements Bistro, 6315 Lookout Road (corner of 63rd and Hwy. 119)

Remember to purchase your luncheon tickets in advance.