President’s Message

January/February 2019

Hoe & Hope Message from the Co-President

Happy New Year.  2019 is a year full of promise and possibilities.  Anne-marie and I are looking forward to leading Hoe & Hope this year, with lots of help from the board, committee chairs, and every member.  We have wonderful speakers lined up for each of our monthly meetings, covering topics such as “Sex Life of the Single Flower”, “Botanical and Medicinal Aspects of Cannabis”, “Bug Man”, “Birding through the Seasons”, “Growing Garlic”, “History of Gardens” and “Holiday Plant Lore”.  We have exciting adventures planned for field trips each month, and many civic projects scheduled to help beautify our neighborhoods and support our community.

The job descriptions for each leadership position on our board this year have been shuffled to fit the skills and interests of each member willing to serve.  Anne-marie and I are sharing the President’s long list of responsibilities. I will do most of the computer-related tasks, and she is an amazing organizer, go-getter and consensus builder.  Janell is our VP in charge of programs and hosting. She didn’t feel comfortable publishing the membership directory and yearbook, so I’ll be doing that. Linda, our fearless leader through the past several years, will serve as Secretary, and will continue to publish the monthly newsletters and keep the web site up to date.  She is our institutional memory, and we will lean heavily on her knowledge of historic precedents to guide us through the year. Sandy is serving as treasurer, with help from Jan who served so brilliantly in this function for the previous years.

I want to express my profound gratitude to last year’s board for helping all us newbies find our footing in new roles.  Anne-marie and I are a bit overwhelmed by the long list of responsibilities of the president, which Linda executed with such aplomb and grace.  Our appreciation for her years of hard work and dedication grow as we begin to tackle the list on our own. The Hoe & Hope Garden Club grew and prospered under her leadership.  She will be a hard act to follow, but we will do our best to keep the club blossoming.

Our board members-at-large, Robin, Diane and Art, will be leading the Civic projects throughout the year, coordinating our new Members’ Scholarship program, and helping wherever they are needed.  We have 24 committee chairpersons coordinating all the different functions and activities of our club. Many thanks to each of them for taking on these vital responsibilities that keep our club running smoothly.  A special shout-out to Jennifer Lynn, our new Field Trips coordinator, Lynn Cohan, our new Publicity chair, as well as Rita Rosson, Sally Bryan, Jan Byers, Joyce Spencer, LaDena Burns, Mindy Sprague, Darlene Crouch, Sandy Knappmiller, Suzanne Drinkard, and Diane Johnson who signed on for another year as committee chairs.  They will each count on every member’s contributions and participation to ensure a successful year for each committee.

We have 59 members who have paid their 2019 club dues so far.  I’m hoping a few more will re-subscribe, and we will attract new members throughout the year.  Every single member is an asset to our organization, enriching our experience and expanding our horizons.  We are always open to suggestions and good ideas for interesting programs, field trips, and civic projects.  I’m working on a Member Profile booklet with photos and short bios of each member. If you haven’t sent in your photo and bio yet, please do so this week.  I would love to have this mostly finished before our January meeting for distribution to the membership. We have some folks with fascinating and surprising backgrounds and interests in our group!  The profile booklet is a great way to get to know members you haven’t spent time with yet. You may even learn something you didn’t know about someone you thought you knew well!

Our January 23rd meeting is just a week away.  I hope to see you all there, and we’ll get our Hoe & Hope Garden Club year off to a great start.


Debbie Arnold, Co-President