President’s Message

Message from the Co-President  November 2019

What the heck happened to autumn this year??  I scrambled to get as many leaves raked and bagged as I could before last week’s back-to-back snowstorms.  My beautiful maple trees had a narrow window to dazzle me this year. Colorado weather, always a surprise! On the other hand, if you don’t like it, just wait a bit, it’ll change.  I’m looking forward to 50 degrees this Wednesday morning when we will meet at Callahan House to clean up the north beds. Let Darlene know if you can join us. Hope to see you there!

This month, on November 20 at 11:30, we will be enjoying a lunch of seasonal treats, hosted by Anne-Marie and her creative culinary crew.  Robin Ecklund has an enchanting program of Holiday Plant Lore for us. She’s been working on this presentation since last summer! I know it will be a delight.

Sandy Knappmiller will be presenting next year’s budget for us to vote on at our November meeting.  Please take a look at the end of this newsletter to see what is being proposed, and give Sandy a heads-up next week, before the meeting, if you have any questions or concerns.  Sandy has spent a great deal of time coordinating with committee chairs and put a lot of careful thought into designing a format easier to understand. Thank you, Sandy, for all your hard work and creativity in making next year’s budget so clear and comprehensive.  We have time for a short discussion during the meeting, but any lengthy philosophical or logistical issues should be resolved beforehand.

There still seems to be confusion about what constitutes a gluten-free recipe.  Once again, here is a quick explanation of what gluten-free means.

Gluten is a protein present in 3 grains:  wheat, rye, and barley. If you have made your dish from scratch, and the recipe doesn’t contain flour (ground wheat or rye grains), bulgur (cracked wheat), couscous, barley, or pasta made with wheat flour, then chances are your dish is safe for our gluten-free members to enjoy.

However, if your recipe includes packaged, processed ingredients such as canned soup, salad dressing, or ingredients such as flavorings, seasonings, fillers, binders, thickening, glucose syrup, brown rice syrup, caramel color, textured vegetable protein, dextrin, brewers yeast, graham, bran, matzo, or malt, it likely does contain gluten and would be dangerous for someone who is gluten-intolerant or wheat-sensitive.  It would make them sick.

Corn tortillas, corn chips and oats should not contain any wheat or gluten, but you still need to read the labels.  Cross-contamination is common for oats, and sometimes corn tortillas and corn chips are made with wheat mixed in. Please read the labels and be aware of potential danger.

All fruits and vegetables are gluten-free.  Enjoy with abandon!

Make your reservations for our Holiday Luncheon on December 11.  Michael Belmont, a wonderful local musician, will play and sing for us.  We’re counting on every member to come prepared to spend some money on auction items.  How much would each member need to spend in order to raise $1500 for next year’s student scholarships?  We can do this!

As colder weather descends onto the Front Range, be sure to take time to enjoy the bounty of harvest time, and stay amazed.