President’s Message

Letter from the President, April 2020

Spring approaches!  What’s coming up in your garden?  I’ve seen crocuses, hellebores, daffodils, and my tulips and iris are up and growing fast.  In this curious time of quarantine, the earth seems to be taking full advantage of the reduction in human activity to restore resilience on many fronts.  What have you noticed in your neighborhood? I love hearing the birds and smelling the freshness of the air. Daily walks are now an essential part of my day, and I feel so fortunate to be in a place where every route offers a feast of natural beauty wherever I look.  Silver linings abound.

The Hoe and Hope Board members are in conversation about our way forward.  We were sorry to have to cancel our March meeting, and April is also cancelled.  We will see how things go, but it is possible that our May meeting will also be cancelled.  We may want to reschedule our plant exchange for June. What do you think about that idea?

Field trips are also suspended until the danger has passed.  Melissa is on top of it, and will keep us posted. Civic projects are also on hold for now.  Stay tuned for updates.

Blessed be our community members who are keeping the hospitals, grocery stores, restaurants, utilities (thank goodness for Nextlight!) and all essential services running smoothly!  I know you are all staying home to reduce the risk to our neighbors. But gardening is not cancelled! Our gardens are going to be spectacular this year!

I’m remembering living in Connecticut during Superstorm Sandy in October of 2012.  We had a dozen trees come down, 3 across the driveway, and the power was out for weeks, which meant that most homes had no water, either, as most folks have wells.  No heat, no water, no cooking, no internet, no lights. That was a quarantine of another dimension. I am so grateful to have plenty of hot water for tea and bathing, and bountiful Netflix series to binge on.  And I’m going to church, yoga class, tai-chi and choir practice on Zoom. New adventures abound!

Hoe & Hope has a Facebook page!  Lynn and Connie are posting some good content, and we hope that members of the club will post photos, questions, and wisdom for our gardening community.

We are so fortunate in Colorado to be surrounded by small farmers who are reviving depleted soils with organic and sustainable farming practices, then offering their bountiful harvest at the Longmont Farmers’ Market 8 months of the year, as well as numerous farm stands throughout the community.  Although our local Farmers’ Market is having to reinvent its distribution system, they are starting this weekend with bags of local vegetables for pickup at the Fairgrounds. Please check out their latest information: , and patronize those farmers whose food has the power to nourish and heal ourselves, our community, and our planet.

During this season of uncertainty, be sure to take time to phone a friend, go for a walk, dig in your garden, read a good book, try a new recipe, support the valiant small farmers in our community, express gratitude for all who are working to keep us safe, and stay curious.