President’s Message


Hoe & Hope Garden Club Co-President’s message

Thank you for your patience!

Anne-marie and I are new to this president thing, and I’m not catching on to the Robert’s Rules very quickly.  With help from Suzanne Drinkard, we are figuring this out, but I’m sure there will be many stumbles to come. We’re doing our best to get up to speed, and hope future meetings will run a bit more smoothly.

Suzanne has kindly provided guidance for members participating in making motions, seconding, and voting.  Please be sure to read her article in this newsletter so you can each contribute to smooth and cordial decision-making.

To that end, I would like to propose we start our meeting 10 or 15 minutes earlier, at 12:15 or 12:20.  Since we are starting at 11:30 this year, there seems to be plenty of time for lunching, checking out the sign-up tables and displays, chatting with friends, meeting guests and new members, and buying raffle tickets without feeling rushed.  What do you think? It is important to allow our speakers their full allocation of time, making sure they begin their presentation at 1:00 sharp. I’d like to try starting our March meeting at 12:15, and we’ll adjust if needed.

Student scholarships:  I’d like to clear up confusion on this point.  Last year we voted to increase our college scholarship for one year from $1000 to $1500, since we had a substantial balance in our set-aside fund in the bank as a result of 2 large deposits:  one from a generous member donation, and one from an exceptionally successful silent auction at our Holiday Luncheon 2017.

That $1500 scholarship in 2018 was granted to Gus Gill.  He was later given a full-scholarship for 2018-19 school year, and asked to defer his receipt of our scholarship until the 2019-20 school year.  His request was approved by the scholarship committee, and we offered our 2018 scholarship to the runner-up applicant.

Our new scholarship committee this year had to make a decision about the 2019 scholarship.  They have decided to honor our offer to Gus for $1500 deferred to 2019. The remaining balance in the set-aside fund will still cover all our 2020 scholarships, with about $500 remaining for 2021.  The additional funds to cover our 2021 scholarships will be raised just as we’ve done before, through fundraising events within the club in 2019 and 2020.

We will return to the $1000 college scholarship and one $500 high school scholarship in 2020.  Future scholarships will depend on the success of our fundraising events or additional generous member or community donations.  Thank you, Jennifer Lynn, for navigating this complicated scenario and clarifying the details. And thank you to Jan Byers and Joyce Spencer for leading us enthusiastically towards bountiful fundraising in 2019.

We have a marvelous speaker this month:  Russ Lambert: Bug Man. Three different members gave me his name last year after seeing his presentation.  I’m delighted he agreed to share it with Hoe & Hope this month. He has an amazing collection of specimens, and a broad perspective on the importance of insects and arachnids in our world.  He will share his concerns about the disappearance of bug species and the implications for the security of the world’s food supply. His displays will be set up on tables before the meeting.  Be sure to take a look during our social time.

Welcome back, LaDena Burns!  We look forward to your Greening reports starting in April.  And thank you Darlene for providing composting and recycling receptacles, as well as washing some dishes for us to keep us Green!

Lynn, our Publicity chair, along with Robin and Connie who are welcoming visitors, guests and new members as they arrive, are doing an amazing job!  We had 9 guests last month, and several new members since January. Keep an eye out for the colorful nametags, and be sure to introduce yourself to our guests and new members.  There may be some long-time members you don’t know yet, as well. If we each set the intention to get to know one new person at each meeting, by the end of the year we’ll have a dozen new friends!

I am determined to get the Profile Book done this week!  Keep an eye out for an email from Sally.

If you are interested in learning about cannabis cultivation, we have an invitation from a local farmer for a small group to visit his grow.  Talk to me if you would like to be included.

I look forward to seeing you March 27.  Send me photos for the slide show, and don’t forget your table service.