President’s Message

Letter from the President, September 2021

I can’t wait for our meeting on September 22, 10 am at the church!  Kay Richards is presenting a workshop on floral design.  As you know, Kay is an award-winning expert, an active member of Fun with Flowers with decades of experience creating sublime arrangements of all types.  She will show us how to make a well-balanced arrangement that is beautiful, artistic and uses your unlimited creativity.  Everyone goes home with an arrangement you make yourself under Kay’s guidance.  I’ll be picking up 3 buckets of flowers from Helen Skiba at Farmette Flowers for everyone to share, and we hope Helen will be able to join us for additional ideas and advice.  Here’s what you need to bring to the meeting:

  • A small/medium container for your own arrangement
  • Oasis foam/frog/chicken wire/tape/marbles to fix the flowers in place in your container
  • Flower snips or scissors
  • Beverage/snack for yourself if you wish
  • Mask
  • If you have a special flower blooming in your garden that you’d like to use, bring it along.

Kay promises that this will be great fun, educational and addictive!  I hope everyone will come out for this splendid event!  Masks are required at the church again, so we’re not providing refreshments and there will be plenty of tables to allow for social distancing.

Our upcoming Exploring Longmont field trip to the Hover Home is this Thursday, Sept. 16 at 10:00.  Be sure to bring $10.00 to cover the cost of the tour.  Robin and Ruth decided it was too hot for a picnic after, but we may go out to lunch afterwards if you’d be interested.  The Hover Home is located at 1309 Hover St., just north of Mountain View Ave. on the west side of the road.  Turn west at Belmont (Hover Senior Living Community), left on Charles and park in the area for Historic Home. Be sure to let Robin or Ruth know you’re coming.

Thank you to Sandy for running our August meeting, and thanks to Janell for arranging the program with Laura Pechaitis, who spearheaded the development and maintenance of Shadow Grass Park Pollinator Habitat in northeastern Longmont.  We had a field trip to explore this beautiful area in July, and were gobsmacked at how much work went into getting this project off the ground.  She is a wizard of collaboration, consensus building, and project management, and we are so grateful she was willing to come share her knowledge with us.  She is eager to offer guidance to others hoping to create water-wise pollinator habitats in their own HOA.  It is visionaries such as she who make a big difference in transforming the Longmont landscape into sustainable and wildlife friendly habitats for all to enjoy into the future as we adapt to a changing climate.  I hope some of our members who live in HOAs will pick up this ball and run with it in their own neighborhoods, to make this a trend going forward.

If you’d like to bring a friend to a meeting, please do. Our membership is still down a bit from 2020, but I’m delighted to have so many new members, some recent transplants, some locals.  Every perspective enriches our club.  Please take time to welcome new members when we meet September 22 at 10 am.

Kay Richards and Rita Rosson are still looking for someone to volunteer to be our VP for the 2022 calendar year.  The Hoe & Hope VP is primarily in charge of arranging for speakers for our meetings and coordinating with the church to have the venue available for us.  Janell has done a brilliant job for the past 3 years, after moving to Colorado from Texas only a few months before she volunteered.  She is working on the programs for the first half of next year, and those will already be in place for the person who takes the job.  The entire board as well as the membership always has suggestions and contacts to help fill in the schedule.  Even if you are a new member, please consider putting your name forward if you’d like to take on a leadership role.  Later in the year we will also be looking for new committee chairs.  Let Kay and Rita know of your interest if you’d like to volunteer.  We vote on the new board nominations in October and announce new committee chairs in January.

I just got back from a month in Boston welcoming my first grand baby.  Becoming re-acquainted with humidity made me much more aware of the beauty of Colorado weather!  Soon autumn will be in the air, and we will be surrounded with gold and red.  When the smoke clears, marvel again at the magnificent mountains, and stay curious.