President’s Message

Letter from the President, March 2024

March – in like a lion, out like a lamb. Well, that has yet to be seen, but we can hope. However CO gardeners believe moisture is rarely a bad thing.

March for me is always seed starting month, though I do try to show some restraint so my tomatoes aren’t the size of a 3yr old when they finally get put in the ground. I love looking through the packs of seeds that I collected from flowers last summer and getting online to see what their planting requirements are. This is especially good to do sooner than later as last year one of the seeds had to be refrigerated for 30 days which was pretty annoying and set me back for that flower. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t go on the Denver Botanical Gardens H&H fieldtrip as regardless of how many times we do some-thing, there’s always more to be learned. For those of you who might be interested in trying this activity, H&H had me do a video a few years ago (filmed by our very own Debbie Arnold) to help you get started.

A couple of things we discussed last month and a couple things we did not. First, tee shirts. Janell and I thought it would be fun to get some made with our cute watering can logo on them and we could wear them when we are working at our various civic locations. Anyone who might be interested in getting one, please send me an email as we’ll be getting started on that project soon. Secondly, we’ve done this a few times and this month after the meeting, we’ll head over to LePeep to spend a bit more time getting to know one another over lunch. Especially nice for any of our new members.

I have a poster over our dog bowls that says “A House Without A Dog Is Like A Garden Without Flowers”. I truly can’t imagine a garden without flowers; consequently, for those of you who have been to my house and met our sweet 12 yr. old black lab Rosie, you know it was so very difficult losing her in February. But living up to the sentiment on that poster, I look forward to your meeting Nellie this summer.