President’s Message

Letter from the President, October 2020

Life goes on, in spite of the pandemic!  Thank goodness solitary gardening and outdoor activities are safe!  I’m so glad most of our Hoe & Hope meetings, field trips and civic projects have gone forward in spite of new necessary precautions.  Thank you to all who have made it possible!

What an amazing presentation on the power of herbs by Sara Martinelli of Three Leaf Farm last month.  We were all inspired by Sara’s depth of knowledge of the historical and practical uses of herbal remedies, and her vision of a landscape of healing herbs.  It was such fun to see and touch herbs I’d never seen before.  I might even be able to tell mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris, for psychic powers) from motherwort (Leonurus Cardiaca for joy and happiness) in the wild.  It was a delightful morning of learning and fun.  Check out Sara’s workshops and cooking classes at the farm:

Stay tuned for information about this month’s meeting on October 28.  We are scheduled to have a presentation about growing roses in Colorado, but we may have to pursue another option.  Janell is working on it, and we’ll send out an email to the membership to confirm the time and location of our October meeting.

Nominating Committee and Leadership for 2021  Anne-marie has announced the slate of officers for 2021.  Debbie, Janell, Sandy and Robin have agreed to continue with their current positions, and Karen Janata will be our new secretary.  Betsy Imig and Joann Dinser are our new At-Large board members.  Our deepest thanks to Teresa, Diane and Art for their leadership, wise counsel and hard work.  We will vote on the slate of officers at the October meeting.

Sandy will have the proposed budget for 2021 ready to send out to the membership before our October meeting.  We will review the proposed budget at our October meeting, answer questions and hear suggestions for changes.  The vote on our 2021 budget will be at the November meeting.

Sandy also reminds us that membership dues for next year should be sent in before the end of the year.  Checks can be brought to a meeting, or sent to Sandy in the mail, or an electronic Zelle payment can be sent to her using 720-254-4206, which will deposit directly into our Hoe & Hope bank account.

Given current circumstances, we will not be asking for sign-ups for hosting yet.  If indoor meetings are able to resume at some point next year, we may want to share meals together again, and will request hosting volunteers at that time.  We will also organize programs next year as appropriate to evolving conditions, staying flexible and creative to adapt to the situation.  It is possible that our yearbook and directory next year will be distributed electronically, with updates along the way as the schedule becomes defined.  I am always eager for suggestions from the membership as we navigate uncharted pandemic protocols.  My gratitude to all of you who have made this unprecedented year possible, with meetings and field trips and civic projects proceeding in new ways to keep our mission moving forward.

We are sorry to have to cancel our Holiday Luncheon and fundraiser this year.  Thankfully we have enough of a cushion in our Scholarship Fund to cover our 2021 student scholarships, but we will need to redouble our fund-raising efforts next year for future scholarships commitments.

I bagged up a bunch of leaves on my front lawn this morning, and then the wind started.  Hard to tell I made any progress at all, with leaves of every tree to the west of me now on my lawn.  It has been so beautiful to witness the kaleidoscope of colors that surround us at this time of year.  I’m so grateful to live in such a beautiful place, where the power of nature never ceases to inspire me.  Be sure to keep your eyes focused on the splendor of autumn all around us, and stay curious.