President’s Message

Message from the Co-President  August 2019

And the winner is . . . Linda… (times 7?)

Our July Flower Show was a wonderful showcase of the growing and creative arranging talents of our membership.  So why, you might wonder, how did Linda win more than half the prizes in every category? I guess she just grew a whole lot of  gorgeous flowers in her garden!

Thank you, Suzanne, for organizing and making the flower show such fun!

Thank you to Joyce and Jan, our fundraising committee, for inaugurating our first Hoe & Hope Farmers’ Market, and thanks to all who brought contributions.  I was very excited to see rhubarb (thank you, Ruth!) on offer so late in the season! Yum!! I know many happy shoppers went home with delicious fresh lettuce, zucchini, and all manner of yummy veggies.  Let’s do it again this month! Bring your surplus garden bounty to share with Hoe & Hope members who might not have enough space or knee flexibility for growing their own this year, and we’ll raise a little money for the club.

Just last weekend an array of equally impressive flowers and arrangements were on display at the Boulder County 150th Anniversary Fair off Hover and Nelson Road.  Once again, Hoe and Hope is a shining example of community engagement, creativity and horticultural skill.  Thank you to all who helped organize and contributed to the stunning displays. Bravi, tutti!

This month, on August 28, we will be celebrating Totally Tomatoes, showcasing and tasting the best of your garden bounty.  Bring tomatoes! There will be a prize for the largest, smallest, and ugliest tomato, and we’ll have a chance to taste a variety of tomatoes, flavors for every palate.  I believe the Hosting crew, cheered on by Captain Darlene Crouch, will be offering tomato themed tasty treats. This is an “everybody please participate and contribute” meeting.  We’re counting on you!

P.S.  if you aren’t lucky enough to have tomatoes growing in your garden, you might want to find some unusual specimens at the Farmers’ Market or pick some up at a farm stand near you.  I plan to swing by Zweck’s on my way to this meeting. That’s not really cheating, is it?

Thinking ahead, our September meeting is all about garlic.  I’ve seen stands of dozens of varieties of garlic at the farmers market, and I can’t wait to learn about all the different varieties.  Garlic is the one thing I have been successful growing in my little raised beds. Betty Cahill will share tips on growing, storing and enjoying garlic throughout the winter.

I’m told it is time to stop fertilizing now, and getting ready to put our flowers to bed for the winter.  Hard to imagine with this hot weather that autumn will soon be upon us. Be sure to take time to enjoy the mysteries and beauty of late summer, and stay amazed.

See you at the Tomato Tasting!