President’s Message

Letter from the President, August 2023

It’s August? How did that happen? When the boys were at home, August was always the end of summer as the start of school loomed ahead. No longer having that deadline, as a gardener, the summer or at least summer activities, will continue for many more weeks. Veggie gardeners (aka me) are picking green beans, tomatoes nearly daily, and, although I didn’t plant any this year, summer squash is producing to the point our neighbors are turning out the lights as they see us approaching. Flower gardeners are out there with pruners deadheading to try to promote more blooms. And all of us are walking around with a digger and 5 gallon bucket to collect the weeds which are, due to the ongoing rains, especially prolific this year. I have to wonder how farmers or Helen and her staff at the amazing Artemis Flowers do it.

Speaking of Artemis Flowers, if you were in attendance last month, please excuse me as I repeat what I said there during the meeting portion of our visit. Janell Cannon, Suzanne Drinkard, and Georgia Jallo have graciously accepted my request to act as the Nominating Committee to find members to serve on the Hoe & Hope 2024 Board. Our club is wonderful, but it’s only so because members step up to help – the proverbial “it takes a village”.

I am staying on as President and Karen Janata has agreed to serve as Secretary for another year as well as Linda Patten for her 2nd of a 2 yr. term as At-Large. These are the positions left to fill:

Treasurer – 1 yr. position

At-Large – 2 yr. position for 3 people one of which is already filled. Responsibility is attending 2-3 board meetings/yr. and input on questions the President may have on various issues that may arise. This is a good way for both long term members to share their experience and for new members to learn a bit more about the workings of the club.

Vice-President – 1 yr. position. Holding this position does not necessarily mean you will go on to be President though you certainly can if you wish. The job description was changed from being solely responsible for programming to being the head of the Programming Committee so you will have several people to work with on the next calendar year’s activities.

I hope you’ll consider these or any of the committee positions which we will be filling in the next few months. Please contact one of the people on the Nominating Committee should you have questions or if you’d like to volunteer.