President’s Message

Letter from the President, February 2023

They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. I don’t know who “they” are, but clearly, “they” don’t live in Colorado. March 1st we got snow and yet there’s a very good chance that on the 30th that lion will still be roaring. But not to fear, March is seed starting month for those of us who can’t wait another month to get our hands in the soil. While not for everyone, there are several of us in Hoe & Hope that love the process – as tedious as it can be. Those same “they” say patience is a virtue and you’d better have some of it if you decide to be a seed starter. But there is nothing (OK maybe a couple of things) more delightful than planting and tending those seeds for days/weeks and one morning seeing little sprouts pushing up through the potting soil. Of course, that in no way means you’re finished. Oh no. Next you wait until the first true leaves appear and then the seedlings can be potted up into bigger pots or extra seedlings can be removed to make more room. Before you know it, you’re taking them to the plant swap in May and everyone is oohing and aahing over your accomplishment.

I’m sorry to have missed the February meeting and that the weather was such that many of you felt uncomfortable hitting the roads to attend. I’ve heard the presentation was very interesting. This month’s speaker from Growing Gardens also sounds like one we’ll enjoy.
Robin, Linda, & Karen had a big crowd at the Gardening Fair at the library and may have introduced some people to Hoe & Hope who hadn’t heard about us before. Thank you, ladies, for taking on that project.

I hate to sound like the proverbial broken record, but we are still very much in need of people to step forward to fill our few remaining open positions. Grab a friend and sign-up together. Or in the case of Publicity & Hospitality, do on your own schedule at home in your pjs on your iPad. Sign-up sheets will be available at the March meeting.