President’s Message

Letter from the President, November 2021

This is my last official Letter from the President for the Hoe and Hope Garden Club.  After serving for 3 years, I’m delighted to pass the reins on to Connie.  It has been an interesting and enriching 3 years.  I’ve learned a lot, made lifelong friends, and had such fun at the helm of this august organization.  It has been a labor of love and an honor and privilege to lend my time and talent.  Thanks to every member for your support and help along the way, especially Anne-marie and Linda as well as my faithful Board of Directors.  I think we’ve all done ourselves proud.

I may no longer be your president in 2022, but I’ll still be putting together next year’s Membership Directory, taking over the newsletter from Linda with help from Georgia, and keeping our website updated.  That is, of course, unless there’s a member eager to help with those endeavors.  I would welcome the opportunity to share the load, and would be happy to help and train anybody interested in learning some new skills.  That’s what keeps us young, digging in the dirt and learning new skills!

Our November meeting is the 3rd Wednesday instead of the usual 4th Wednesday to avoid conflicts with Thanksgiving preparations.  I look forward to seeing you at our November 17th 10 am meeting at the church.  Please note an important change:  rather than using the large Fellowship Hall upstairs, we will be relocating to the garden level in a smaller meeting room.  It will be more economical and better suited to our current number of participants.  We’ve used this space in the past for the flower show and other meetings, and it’s my understanding that this was our regular venue for quite a long time until the club outgrew the space and started serving luncheons.  Now that we’ve decided to keep the refreshments simpler and attendance at most meetings is less than 30, this will be perfect for the time being.  It is recommended we park below the church or in the lower west parking area, and enter the church through the garage level door which leads down the hall directly to the lower level meeting room.  Don’t forget your mask!

Our November meetings are always part business meeting and part program.  We have changes to the Rules of Procedure to vote on, as well as voting in our new Board of Directors and next year’s budget.  Sandy will present the 2022 budget and answer questions.  The program is Catharine Blackwell talking about Browns’ Farm in Niwot, a “Biological Farm, focused on healthy soil which in turn produces plants that are healthy and resilient.”  Their farm philosophy is to “grow the food that we want to eat at a price we can afford”.  Many of you will remember Catharine, a Hoe & Hope member in 2019, who rallied our help with painting and decorating birdhouses for a fund-raiser for Aspen Center for Child Development.  Browns’ Farm was at the center of the Longmont Farmers’ Market this season, offering a wide array of wonderful produce throughout the summer and into the fall.  They even had sunchokes and burdock root!  I look forward to learning more about this remarkable farm which Catharine has been managing so brilliantly for the past 5 years.

Melissa has announced our next field trip to Botanical Interests on December 9 at 10 am.  Stay tuned for details.

As we assess our committee leadership needs for next year, please consider how your talents and interests fit the opportunities.  If you were a committee chair this year, and you’d like to continue in the same role, thank you!  If you’d like to move on to a new challenge, that’s terrific!  If you haven’t been a committee chair in the past year or two, please volunteer.  New members, don’t be shy about stepping forward; you will have lots of help and support from experienced members.  Our club is only as good as the members willing to take on leadership roles and help us out with all the organizational tasks behind the scenes.  I’ve been so grateful to have a wonderful group of intrepid volunteers keeping us organized and active during this strange time, and we’re looking forward to even more activities next year.

What a spectacular autumn!   Mother nature has treated us with brilliant colors and unseasonably warm weather, but now we can sense she is getting ready to settle in for winter’s rest and renewal.  The magnificent mountains are capped with snow, and the elk rut is winding down.  As the end-of-year holidays approach, cherish the precious connections with family, friends and community, and stay curious.