President’s Message

Letter from the President, February 2021

Garden Club Meetings to recommence (virtually) in February.   I’m so happy to announce that Janell is working on organizing virtual Zoom meetings for February 24 and March 24.  She is in the process of contacting some of our program presenters who were unable to join us last year, and organize virtual presentations via Zoom.  Everyone is invited to attend.  Please forward the information to friends and neighbors who might enjoy the event.  BYO refreshments, and join us as we find ways to meet and learn safely during this time of COVID.  Stay tuned for details from Janell.

We had a board meeting last month to review our plans for this year and confirm our committee chairs.  I will send out a separate list of our committee chairs for 2021.  We have openings for Flower Show chair and helpers, as well as Horticulture and Parliamentarian.  JoAnn and Robin will be organizing the Plant Exchange in May, and I sure could use help with the website and Google for Nonprofits.  Please volunteer to help out this year.  We need you!

Another discussion during the board meeting last month included a review of our Rules of Procedure and Bylaws.  Several updates have been approved by the board.  I will send out the updated documents next week, and we can discuss and vote at the Zoom meeting February 24.  Sandy has also proposed 2 changes to our budget this year, decreasing income because we have lost 15 members, and reducing room rental expenses since we don’t plan to meet inside until October.  The two items balance each other out, and the change has been approved by the board.

Melissa will be organizing some field trips in the coming months.  Field trips are one of my favorite things about Hoe & Hope.  It is an opportunity to go places and see things I wouldn’t otherwise know about.  They have been hugely enriching, and I look forward to many more adventures this year.

Civic projects are one of the main purposes of our club.  As in my past 2 years as president, I encourage every member to choose a project and participate.  Here are the civic projects we will be doing this year:

  • Callahan House – Melissa Welsch, Karen Janata & Betsy Imig
  • Central Elementary School – Robin Ecklund, Sally Bootz
  • OUR Center – JoAnn Dinser
  • Rose Garden – Betsy Imig

Those gardens are enjoyed by so many people in our community, and our efforts to beautify our environment are appreciated by all who pass by.  I hope each one of our members will decide to help out with one or several civic projects this year.

I trust that you are all keeping safe and well, helping neighbors in need and finding support when you are in need.  Many members of our club have offered support and worked tirelessly helping our community weather this storm.  If you find yourself in need of help or support, please get in touch with me, and I can direct you to those members eager to offer help.

What a mild winter we are enjoying this year, making it possible to spend time outdoors, enjoying the natural beauty of our surroundings.  Although we are all hoping for more precipitation to refill our precious reservoirs, it is certainly nice to be able to go out walking most days.  Time outdoors has been a staple of my daily routine, keeping me invigorated and grounded despite the turmoil of our times.  And spring is just around the corner!  Be sure to keep your eyes focused on the splendor all around us, lend a helping hand to a neighbor in need, and stay curious.