President’s Message

Letter from the President, November 2020

Resilience and flexibility have been the keys to success this pandemic year, and I’m so grateful to all of you who have helped Hoe & Hope adapt to these unusual circumstances.  However, due to the evolving Covid restrictions, we are going to cancel our November meeting.  We had planned to meet at YaYa Orchard for our Apple Tasting program, but even inside a spacious barn there is a small risk which we don’t feel comfortable taking.  I do encourage you all to visit YaYa to buy apples, cider and honey from Sharon, who so graciously hosted us in June, provided cider donuts for the Flower Show in July, and had offered to host us again in November.  We are indebted to her for her support, and hope we can return the favor by supporting her farm.

We had a beautiful, warm, sunny day for Callahan House cleanup last week, with 9 intrepid Hoe & Hope gardeners trimming, raking, and getting the beds ready for winter.  Thank you, Melissa, for organizing this civic project, and to all of you who participated.

The slate of officers for 2021 was announced in our last newsletter, and should have been voted on at our October meeting.  Since our October meeting was cancelled due to snow, we will need to vote via email.  Please email your vote on the 2021 slate of officers to Anne-marie before November 20.

Sandy sent out the 2021 budget last month for your consideration.  You were asked to email any questions or comments to Sandy.  We were scheduled to vote on the budget at the November meeting.  Since our November meeting is also cancelled, we will need to do this vote via email as well.  Please email your vote on the 2021 budget to Anne-marie before November 20.

Sandy also reminds us that membership dues for next year should be sent in before the end of the year.  Checks can be sent to Sandy in the mail, or an electronic Zelle payment can be sent to her using
cell phone number which will deposit directly into our Hoe & Hope bank account.

Given current circumstances, we will not be asking for sign-ups for hosting yet.  If indoor meetings are able to resume at some point next year, we may want to share meals together again, and will request hosting volunteers at that time.  We will also organize programs next year as appropriate to evolving conditions, staying flexible and creative to adapt to the situation.  Our yearbook and directory next year will be distributed electronically, with updates along the way as the schedule becomes defined.  I am always eager for suggestions from the membership as we navigate uncharted pandemic protocols.  My gratitude to all of you who have made this unprecedented year possible, with meetings and field trips and civic projects proceeding in new ways to keep our mission moving forward.

We are sorry to have to cancel our Holiday Luncheon and fundraiser this year.  Thankfully, we have enough of a cushion in our Scholarship Fund to cover our 2021 student scholarships, but we will need to redouble our fund-raising efforts next year for future scholarships commitments.

Leaf bagging seems to be a never-ending task at this time of the year.  Good exercise, I’m sure, but my back will be happy when it is finally done.  It has been so beautiful to witness the kaleidoscope of colors that surround us at this time of year.  I’m so grateful to live in such a beautiful place, where the power of nature never ceases to inspire me.  As we settle into the winter season, be sure to notice the quiet restfulness of this cooler, darker cycle of renewal, and always stay curious.