2019 Hoe and Hope Garden Club
Officers and Committee Chairs:

Board of Directors

Co-President’s – Debbie Arnold & Ann Marie Boyer
Vice President – Janell Cannon
Treasurer – Sandy Knappmiller
Recording Secretary – Linda Patten
Member-at-Large – Robin Ecklund, Diane Johnson, Art Melting

Committee Chairpersons

Civic – Robin Ecklund, Diane Johnson, Art Melting
Courtesy – Rita Rosson
Electronic Communications – Sally Bryan
Field Trips – Jennifer Lynn
Fundraising – Jan Byers, Joyce Spencer
Greening – LaDena Burns
Holiday Luncheon – Sandy Knappmiller
Horticulture – Mindy Sprague
Hospitality – Darlene Crouch
Membership – Sandy Knappmiller
Newsletter Editor –  Linda Patten
Newsletter snail mail – Sandy Knappmiller
Nominating – July 2019, 3 members will be voted in
Parliamentarian – Suzanne Drinkard
Programs – Janell Cannon
Publicity – Lynn Cohan
Recognition’s – Diane Johnson
Scholarship – Jennifer Lynn
Website – Sally Bryan, Suzanne Drinkard, Linda Patten