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Emerald Ash Borer: What Coloradans Need to Know

insect1 Know how to identify ash trees, and signs of EAB infestation in ash trees:

  • Thinning of leaves and upper branches and twigs
  • Serpentine tunnels produced by larvae under the bark D-shaped exit holes 1/8-inch wide
  • New sprouts on the lower trunk or lower branches
  • Vertical splits in the bark photo insects
  • Increased woodpecker activityinsect2
  • Don’t apply unnecessary chemical treatments, and talk to a professional forester or arborist before applying any treatment.
  • Chemical treatments are not recommended more than 5 miles from a positive detection.
  • Never transport firewood or other products from ash trees, as this is the most likely method of accidental spread.
  • A quarantine is now in place in Boulder County and surrounding areas to try and prevent the human-assisted spread of EAB.

insect3insect4Ambush bugs belong to the Hemiptera family. They have piercing, sucking mouthparts and membranous wings. Their bodies are stout and brightly colored-red, yellow or orange. Ambush bugs will wait motionless on flowers for their prey. They are considered beneficial because they eat insects that can cause damage in the garden, however, they will also eat other beneficials such as butterflies.

insect5Ladybug larvae are friends of the gardener. The ladybug belongs to the Coleoptera family. The larva are voracious predators of soft scale insects, mealybugs, aphids, thrips, flies and spider mites. A ladybug larva can eat 400 aphids during its development to the pupal stage. An adult ladybug can eat as many as 5,000 aphids during its life cycle.

The honeybee belongs to the Hymenoptera family. Females are capable of stinging, however, males have no Click on photo to enlargestinger and are not capable of stinging. Honeybees are not aggressive and will only attack when threatened. There is one queen per hive who lives three to four years. The queen lays the eggs. Her stinger is barbless and she can use it many times.

insect6Drones are the males and they live approximately six weeks. Their sole function is to mate with the queen. Worker bees make up the remainder of the bees in the hive. They are sterile females. Their main job is to maintain and operate the hive. Worker bees born early live about six weeks but those born in the fall will survive until the following spring. Worker bees have a barbed stinger which can only be used once. When used, the stinger rips out of the abdomen and kills the bee.To attract honeybees to your yard avoid the use of pesticides.